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Applinked App: There will be a ton of such things available to keep you entertained. It is an unaffiliated source that is not permitted to distribute such information. However, they are still secure for users. To use its services, all you have to do is download the application file and install it on your Android phone.

One may have seen a large number of these app shops that provide a selection of games and programs. However, this one is pretty distinctive and provides a particular range of activities. Additionally, you may modify the codes or input new ones to access more intriguing objects. The Applinked App is a pretty wonderful replacement for Filelinked, so let’s learn everything there is to know about it right now.

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About Applinked App

For Android devices, Applinked is a mass APK download manager that enables multiple simultaneous downloads. Without having to type in the link, you may host your own APK file or share it with your family and friends. An alternative to Filelinked is Applinked, which functions similarly. When you establish your store, an Applinked code with a pin will be sent.

This program was able to offer consumers a better, bug-free, stable service starting with version 1.0.5 and forward. You may visit the official AppLinked shop without any codes thanks to unlinked other stores. To locate accessible applications, just select on the genre you’re searching for (such as movies, Live TV, TV series, etc.). This software saves all of the other stores you visit. No need to memorize or input the same code repeatedly.

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The Functionality of Applinked

Great UI Functionality

Comparable to Filelinked’s UI and functionality. Inside4ndroid is the developer of this app. You may get the dashboard login and the link to download the app by visiting their official website. Unlike filelinked, you don’t need to use the app to visit AppLinked shops; just go to the website.

Numerous games and apps that are not available on Google Play

AppLinked is another one of the alternatives to the Google software platform that enables us to explore a selection of applications and games that we may download to our smartphones. It’s important to note that many of the apps available here are not on Google Play, making this a highly useful tool for learning about an alternative, unofficial software ecosystem where a variety of worthwhile resources may be obtained.

What Makes the AppLinked Work?

You may access many different kinds of files, apps, programs, software, tools, and more with the help of AppLinked. Installing the Apk on your smartphone is all that is necessary to have free access to the whole app store. There are certain codes for each software or file, as we have already discussed before in this article.

Additionally, on this platform, there are specific codes and names for separate sub-app shops and bundled apps. Then, after entering the specific code or the name of the App in the Applinked App apk, you may download the entire bundle of those applications, data, and programs to your smartphone. As a result, you do not need to look for and install each component separately.

Features of Applinked

The Android Applinked Apk has a ton of intriguing features. I will thus go through some of the more significant ones with you. If this interests you, you may just look at the information below.

  • The software is free and secure to download.
  • You have limitless access to download entertainment applications.
  • An easy-to-use interface is available.
  • You may search for applications and enter codes.
  • You may view live TV channels, movies, and television series.
  • with a ton more.

Additional Features


You may distribute files with AppLinked without giving the downloader their URLs. To download the files, all that is required is the folder code number.


By making a private folder, you may privately exchange files with your pals. A pin number is included with the private folder. The files may only be downloaded by those who have the pin.


The AppLinked includes quick servers from which you may incredibly quickly upload and download all of your stuff.


Using the AppLinked, you may transmit files without compressing them.

FAQs of Applinked

Is the connected app bug-free and functional?

Since the AppLinked app is simply a redesigned version of the FileLinked app, it functions just as well as the latter. The AppLinked app offers access to all the capabilities that were accessible in the FileLinked app. Future releases will provide a few more new extra features.

How can I set up the Applinked App?

Your PC cannot be installed directly with AppLinked. To use the AppLinked app on your PC, you’ll need an android emulator like Nox Player or BlueStacks. Mac and Windows computers can both run Android emulators.

Can I use the Windows version of the Applinked software on a Firestick?

Yes, all Firestick devices, including the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick Plus, Fire TV Stick 3rd Gen, Fire TV Stick Lite, and Fire TV Stick 4K, are fully compatible with AppLinked. The Downloader app must first be installed before the AppLinked app can be installed via the Downloader app.

On iOS devices, how can I download and run the Applinked?

Unfortunately, iOS devices are not currently supported by the AppLinked application. However, iOS version of the AppLinked app will be made available soon.


Even though the AppLinked is a copy of the FileLinked app, it is a brand-new app. The software still has a lot of flaws that need to be fixed. So, you may get in touch with the app’s support staff if you run across any bugs or issues. Please use the comment box to let us know if you are having trouble installing the program on any device. We’ll be more than pleased to help you install the program.

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